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Talk to someone or visit us twice.  If you reply by email with your contact information, our Membership chair will contact you.

Network to:

  • open your mind to new ideas and increase your business
  • develop speaking and communication skills
  • learn new ways to market your business
  • grow your customer and referral base
  • meet new friends and expand your horizons

Conejo Networking is an exciting business networking group of men and women that is active in the Conejo Valley. Conejo Networking provides an effective way for the business person to develop new leads and expand their business in an exciting and supportive environment.

Conejo Networking members have the opportunity to give presentations about their business or service in a relaxed and friendly setting. Members benefit from the opportunity to network, practice and polish their public speaking skills, and to help develop an effective business presentation.

Membership responsibilities include weekly attendance, maintaining the highest business and professional ethics and practices, active participation in meetings, timely payment of dues, and promoting fellow Conejo Networking members.

For detailed information or to attend a meeting as a guest, please contact any Conejo Networking member or send us an email.