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Observe email etiquette and get the most from our blog

Hi fellow breakfast buddies. I’d like to say thank you for letting me introduce, or re-introduce our website to you. I always love sharing the wonders of technology and how we can use it to improve our businesses, among other things!

A few days ago, one of us sent an email to the group, which resulted in a flurry of comments going to all of the members. I understand how easy it is to hit the “reply all” button without thinking, but often it results in lots of needless and unwanted emails creating distraction and clutter for most who are on the receiving end.

Fortunately we have a solution.
It’s a virtual meeting place, where we can exchange information by taking a few moments on a regular basis to check in and see what’s happening. It’s a place where we can form impromptu groups based on what we’re in the mood to discuss at the moment. Mike Harris had mentioned the possibility of conducting a webinar so that each of us can be at our computers at home and follow along with the blogging workshop.

Brilliant, Mike. What does everyone else think?

At this morning’s meeting I spoke only briefly, and did not hit all of the high points of blogging; in fact, I only skimmed the surface. I failed to mention the ability for comments on posts, which is one way we can carry on a group discussion.

Let’s test it out.
I’ve offered to do a two-hour workshop to teach members how to use the blog to help market your businesses. In order to schedule it at a time that is convenient for most, post your suggestions and questions on this subject by clicking on the “comment” button below this text.