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Girls Shape-Up in Summer Course

Hosted by The Girl’s Empowerment Center

This is a group for girls who want to become educated, make good nutritional choices, and become physically fit while learning to accept their bodies in all shapes and sizes. Girls ages 8-17 years will have fun learning how to enjoy exercise while becoming healthy and fit. Groups are run by a licensed therapist and a certified Personal Trainer. Girls will receive a workbook and end the program with a customized meal plan and workout routine that will help them meet their fitness goals. This summer program starts July 14, 2008 and ends August 8, 2008. It is held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 9 AM and lets out at 11:30 AM. Cost is $250.00. For more information or to reserve a spot, please call 805-230-3807 or online at www.girlsempowermentcenter.org. 2500 Townsgate Road Suite H Westlake Village, Ca 91361

Be Aware of Changes Ahead in Lending

Here is a major FNMA announcement that goes into effect on August 1 2008.

Probably the most critical part of the announcement effects those sellers that are planning on keeping their existing home as a rental and buying another property.

The new guideline states that if a seller wants to keep their existing home as a rental when they purchase another home the following applies:

1. A copy of a fully executed Rental Agreement.

2. A copy of the receipt of a security deposit from the tenant and deposit into the borrower’s account.

3. There must be 30% equity in the existing property documented by an appraisal.

If all these are satisfied FNMA will continue to permit up to 75% of the rental income to offset the mortgage payment.

If they do not meet these guidelines rental income may not be used to offset the mortgage payment and both the current and proposed mortgage payments must be used to qualify the borrower and they must have 6 months PITI reserves for both properties.

This will have a huge effect for those that were planning on keeping their existing homes as rentals waiting for prices to come back.

If you have any buyers sitting on the fence the better move now before this goes into effect on August 1 2008.

Step One for Bloggers

In order to actively participate in many blogs, including the Conejo Networking blog, users must first “register,” and subsequently “login.”

While anyone can view our content, a variety of levels of control over the blog can be assigned by an administrator(s). In order to contribute content to the blog, you need to be “logged in,” where you’ll have access to a contributor’s interface, called the “Dashboard.”

The Dashboard provides access to writing tools, and web content can be saved and managed for timed uploads, and published as desired.

In this article, let’s get logged in and turned on.

  1. Make certain you are on the home page of the blog, and not the home page of the main site. Type or paste this address into your browser: http://conejonetworking.com/blog/. Since you are reading this, you may already be on the right page, however, if you intend to follow along step-by-step, you may want to print this post.
  2. When you’re on the blog home page, bookmark it in your browser so that you can participate frequently.
  3. Set up your email program to accept email from (admin@oakcreekmarketplace.com). The email you’ll receive will include a password which you must use in order to “Login” the first time. If for any reason you don’t get the email, contact Nancy Haberman to gain access to the blog.
  4. Register-on the bottom right, click on “Register.” You’ll register one time only.
  5. From the Dashboard, click on “profile,” top right, where you’ll be able to set a custom password known only to you.contributor dashboard
  6. Click on the “Profile” button. Here you can modify some of your personal settings and reset your password in order to maintain privacy.

You are now free to move around the blog

Now that you are registered and logged in, you are free to write and manage your posts and comment to the posts of others, a great way to participate in online discussions. Check back frequently for more tips for bloggers.