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Don’t Fall Prey to Phishing e-mails

cnet.com’s take on the phishing game.

7 Ways to Edit Yourself for Social Networkers

* If you wouldn’t say it to a client or boss – don’t say
it where they can read it either.

* If you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother – don’t say
it on your public posts.

* If you wouldn’t say it to a police officer – don’t post it
on your social networks. For that matter, don’t do it either.

* If you plan to lie to your boss – don’t put the truth where
they can see it.

* If you plan to go out and get drunk and know you have a
tendency to post while drunk – give your phone to a friend
to keep for you.

* Learn how to use privacy settings and understand how visible
your posts are on different social networks.

* If you want a place to vent – create a completely different
identity for yourself to do that. Name no names in your
posts, and make no connection to your other profiles or
email addresses.

To read the article by Nicole Hernandez,
How You Use Social Media Can Kill Your Business
By Nicole Hernandez (c) 2009

Nicole Hernandez is a web developer with a specialty in web
standards and accessibility. She is the owner of Website Style
and publishes technical articles on her blog called Beyond Caffeine

Send Your Press Release to Online Distributors

This is a great resource for distributing your press release. You will have to sign up to be on their email list, but if you’re serious about marketing your website, do it.