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What Can Gentle Yoga Do For You? Can You Say, RELAX?

The role of breath is extremely important when practicing Yoga positions.  My Health Studio is now offering a class to help you get in touch with your body and mind using gentle poses and meditative breath work. 

Employing postures that promote awareness of the inner self through breath, you’ll gain…

  • Ease and steadiness
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Range of motion and balance
  • Mental focus
  • Harmony and serenity.

There are no strenuous postures such as backbends or headstands.  This is not a class that makes you sweat and pant — unless you want to push yourself toward that.  What’s more, these sessions are excellent for both new and experienced students.  You’ll be guided through step-by-step sequenced moving to the rhythm of your own breathing.

Join Nancy Mohler at My Health Studio, Monday evenings at 6:00 P.M. and start on the road to relaxation!  Visit www.myhealthstudio.com for additional class schedules.

Speakers – March, April, May, 2012

03-09-12  Savitha Siddappa, Prism Dental Group
03-09-12 Nataraj (Raj) Prakash, Adhithiya Systems

03-16-12 Michael Harris, United Mortgage Corporation of America
03-16-12 Tommy Driffill, State Farm

03-23-12 Rene Protacio, Legal Shield

03-30-12 Fern Friedman, Rodeo Realty
03-30-12 Carl Friedman, Crazy Ink Jets

04-06-12 Kay Bahari, Licensed Massage Therapist
04-06-12 Sue Seyster, Emergency Supply Packs

04-13-12 David Heyman, Special Delivery Frames

04-20-12 Michael Garner, Cornerstone Law Center

04-27-12 Nancy Haberman, Oak Creek Printworks
04-27-12 Esta McIntyre, My Health Studio

05-04-12 Steve Friedman, Gluskin & Friedman
05-04-12 Jean Stacy, Mary Kay