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It’s Coming, It’s Closer, Did You Feel It?

More important than did you feel it, but are you prepared?
As you might know earthquakes don’t wait for you to get ready,
they come when they want and with as much power as they want!

Today’s quake was a 4.4 – close to our homes, schools, businesses and churches. Have you been aware of the recent earthquakes shaking all over the globe with great strength and magnitude. The experts have been saying that we are long over due for the BIG ONE in our area.
Don’t wait until it hits to think about what you need, GET PREPARED NOW!

Go to our site www.emergencysupplypacks.com.  We have a 72 hour emergency supply pack that will provide for one person.

And don’t forget that for a limited time we are offering a price lower than ever before!
For Conejo Networkers our ESP™ promotional price is $54.00.

It is important that you are organized with what you need to take after a disaster has hit.  Proper planning and organization will make a major difference in how you and your family survive the first 72 hours of an emergency.

Be Aware and Be Prepared!!
Organize for Everything!!

**Note:  For every ESP™ sold we will donate $4.00 to Soldiers Angels Military Organization.