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Creative Approach to Entrepreneurship

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I’ve been cleaning and clearing for several weeks, and in the process listening to snippets of the news about the state of the economy. The downgrade by the S&P of the United States of America’s credit rating is a bitter taste of medicine for all.

In my email of July 24 I suggested that:

In addition to dealing with the present we need to get ahead of the game by preparing for the future…for a future. With our combined skills and passions, we entrepreneurs (of all people), are most prepared to lead the way. Some call it teaching; others, coaching. Working together and helping each other is part of what makes us human, and ensures our survival as a species. Science has taught us this much.

I’m looking for members who want to work together and join in a discussion about how we can design a program to provide entrepreneurial opportunities. If you think you don’t belong here because you think you’re not creative…don’t let the word scare you away…by the very nature of the fact that we are all entrepreneurs or independent reps, as well as networkers, makes us creative by nature. We have not conformed to the Stepford World.

If you think there’s nothing in it for you, it doesn’t exist yet, and there obviously needs to be incentive for business, which, I’m sure will be part of our discussions.

In a world where everyone needs to make a living, life is short and you only live once, I’ve always believed you should be able to kill two birds with one stone, do what you love, and live indoors and put food on the table. (Is that too metaphors in a single sentence?)

Would you like to be part of a group that creates a structure in order to share information about how to become effective entrepreneurs and transition to new entrepreneurial careers?

That being said, let the discussion begin.