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Kathie Henry to speak 5-15-15

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Facebook Business Pages Roundtable May 1st


Newsletter for Week of May 1st Meeting


Speakers List 4-25 through 6-12-14

4.25.14 – Dr. Hans Delfo, Chiropractor – Conejo Valley Family Chiropractic
5.02.14 – Sue Seyster – SLS Freelance, Emergency Supply Packs
5.09.14 – Dr. Savitha Siddappa, DMD – Prism Dental Group
5.16.14 – David Heyman – Special Delivery Frames
5.23.14 – Dark for Memorial Day Weekend
5.30.14 – Nancy Haberman – Oak Creek Printworks
6.05.14 – Jean Stacy – Mary Kay
6.12.14 – Esta McIntyre – My Health Studio

Just Jump 4 Life – The Best Tramp Class in Town!

Did you know that exercising on a mini-trampoline can…

  • strengthen your immune system?
  • boost your cardiovascular system?
  • accelerate weight loss?
  • improve balance with every bounce?
  • strengthen connective tissue?
  • lubricate joints?
  • improve bone density?
  • circulate the lymphatic system?

In fact, the fitness trampoline provides the optimum platform for exercise.  With all these benefits in mind, we have designed a Jump Sport program that is fun, using simply the best strategy with awesome music!  Add some laughter and this package is complete!  Email getfit@myhealthstudio.com to sign up.

Remember, if you’ve never taken a class at My Health Studio, the first session is free!  We offer some of the lowest prices for the highest caliber of training in our area!  To view the class schedule, visit: www.myhealthstudio.com and click on the Calendar tab at the top.

Let’s Get Organized

Your sanity, business success and self preservation rely on you being properly organized.  Let me help you get organized in your home or office.  Do you need help to simplify your business and office?  Are you functioning to your full potential or are you in a rut, deep in disorganization?

Let’s focus on the recent earth shaking activities!!  We’re sure you felt them!!  The 7.2 Mexicali quake, did that put some uh oh in your day?  Did that shake you up enough to understand the importance of “Being Aware and Being Prepared”?  Let us help you get organized to be ready for an emergency of any magnitude!!

Let us help you get organized and prepared for the inevitable.  Visit us at www.emergencysupplypacks.com or call us at (805) 791-7510

Printer Toners & Ink

If you think your printer is on the blink, then chances are your out of INK !!!

Time to call Crazy Inkjets and save on your Printer Inks and Laser Toners….

(818) 346-5538 and ask for Carl

“ESP” Emergency Supply Packs

Let us help you be more “Aware and Prepared” for any emergency or disaster,
with our ESP™, a 72 hour Emergency Supply Pack.

Our ESP™ is a sturdy easy to carry backpack that is fully loaded with the major essentials to survive for 72 hours after a disaster.

Don’t be caught empty handed when a disaster pushes you out of your home,
office or school!  Order your ESP™ today.

2009 Holiday Party-Jan. 31, 2010

Thanks to Mike and Kathy Harris for the their hospitality as the Conejo Networking members and families joined on Sunday to celebrate the new year.

President, David Heyman-Special Delivery Frames

President, David Heyman-Special Delivery Frames

Eva Perlman-World Ventures, Past President, Bill Ross-Card Payment Solutions

Eva Perlman-World Ventures, Past President, Bill Ross-Card Payment Solutions

Esta McIntyre-My Health Studio, Julie Kraschinsky-Mary Kay

Esta McIntyre-My Health Studio, Julie Kraschinsky-Mary Kay

Sheryl Solomon-Cleopatra's Jewels

Sheryl Solomon-Cleopatra's Jewels

Inkjets Make Great Gifts

Want To Save on your Inkjets And Laser Toners?  Check us out… We have Gift Certificates and they make Great Stocking Stuffers!!!   Call us at (818)346-5538 and ask for Carl Or Yaniv at CRAZY INKJETS.

Picture Carl3 (3)http://crazyinkjets.com/Scripts/default.asp

Cartridge Recycling & Our Environment

Crazy Inkjets,

4867½ Topanga Cyn Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Phone (818) 346 – 5538

Fax (818) 346 – 5539

Where Do You Get Inked?

Recycling reduces the demand on Earths’ limited natural resources enabling us to utilize land for open spaces rather than landfills. When you recycle your printer cartridges with Crazy Inkjets you are making a commitment to improving environmental and public health for generations to come. If we don’t recycle today, there will be little left for us tomorrow. So please be a steward of the earth today!

Environmental Facts

Inkjets and laser cartridges are accumulating in landfills worldwide at an alarming rate.

Did You Know?

  • More than 300 million printer cartridges end up in our landfills on a yearly basis. That translates into more than $450 million being thrown away.
  • Approximately 90% of printer cartridges are recyclable but only 20% are being recycled. Excess ink and toner can filter into our water supply.

Civic Responsibility
Crazy Inkjets enables you and/or your organization to stand up and be counted as those who are making a difference. Work within your local community to engage awareness that printer cartridges are recyclable and have a monetary value.

Crazy Inkjets,

4867½ Topanga Cyn Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Phone (818) 346 – 5538

Fax (818) 346 – 5539

Hot Off the Presses


Inspirational Verses by Jon Seyster

L’shanah tovah! (For a good year!) to all from Carl at Crazy Inkjets

Complimentary Insurance Evaluation and Proposal

Are you over insured? Underinsured? Are you over paying for insurance that is not right for you and/or your business?? Do you know what insurance means to you the consumer? These are just a few of the questions we can answer for you at Culbertson Insurance. We specialize in KNOWING our customer and their business. We are your insurance advocate.

For a free evaluation of your current personal or business properties, call Erin Culbertson at 805-498-3050 or visit our web site at “http://www.farmersinsurance.com/eculbertson“. We’ll provide you a detailed proposal that is easy to understand and is specific to your needs.

Good Morning Conejo Networking!

Some of you may have noticed a strange email in the past 24 hrs. from WordPress regarding Conejo Networking. If you didn’t get it, the email was likely blocked or went into your Spam Folder, or you may already be registered on the Conejo Networking Blog.

The email contains your User Name and temporary password for logging onto our blog in order to actively participate in marketing your business. You can also pick up your User Name and Password during the meeting on Fri. Aug. 28th.

During my presentation, you’ll see how to:

  • change your password
  • give a post membership-only visibility
  • password-protect a post
  • publish a content-driven post
  • increase the visibility of a post
  • create a link in a post

I’ll look forward to seeing all your smiling faces!

    Post Upcoming Events Online

    A workshop, seminar, class promotion or other event that might be of interest to fellow networkers or the community is an example of one way you can use the blog. If you are hosting or sponsoring an event that you believe would have value for our networking partners or to your target audience, choose the appropriate category and post your “press release” in on the blog.
    Be sure to include all of the important information:
    1. Who
    2. What
    3. Where
    4. When
    5. How

    While this may be an over-simplification, thank goodness, this blog allows comments, so you are encouraged to contribute by commenting on a post. You’ll find our “comment” button at the lower right corner of a published post.

    You can make a comment in response to a post, or create a post of your own on a different subject. But before you can create a post of your own, you have to “Register” and subsequently log-in to participate.