Speakers 10-14-11 through 2-10-12

Ginger Adam Little  10/21
Business Strategy Session

Michael Green 10/28
René Protacio 10/28

Sue Seyster 11/4
Business Strategy Session

Kay Bahari 11/11
Michael Garner 11/11

David Heyman 11/18
Business Strategy Session

Carl Friedman 12/2
Nancy Haberman 12/2

Dr. Savitha Siddappa 12/9
Business Strategy Session

Esta McIntyre  12/16
Raj Prakash 12/16


January 2012

Steve Friedman

Pamela Padrick

Mike Harris

Fern Friedman

Ginger Adam Little 

Michael Green

David Heyman

Sue Seyster

Kay Bahari

Michael Garner

David Heyman

Carl Friedman

Nancy Haberman

Dr. Savitha Siddappa

Esta McIntyre

Raj Prakash

Scott Smith

Pamela Padrick

Dates we are Dark – This represents the current contract.
November 25
December 24
December 30

New contract to be negotiated.

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