Just Jump 4 Life – The Best Tramp Class in Town!

Did you know that exercising on a mini-trampoline can…

  • strengthen your immune system?
  • boost your cardiovascular system?
  • accelerate weight loss?
  • improve balance with every bounce?
  • strengthen connective tissue?
  • lubricate joints?
  • improve bone density?
  • circulate the lymphatic system?

In fact, the fitness trampoline provides the optimum platform for exercise.  With all these benefits in mind, we have designed a Jump Sport program that is fun, using simply the best strategy with awesome music!  Add some laughter and this package is complete!  Email getfit@myhealthstudio.com to sign up.

Remember, if you’ve never taken a class at My Health Studio, the first session is free!  We offer some of the lowest prices for the highest caliber of training in our area!  To view the class schedule, visit: www.myhealthstudio.com and click on the Calendar tab at the top.

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